Vancouver Home Inspector

It Starts With Trust

I believe in taking care of my clients. A home is one of the biggest purchases we will ever make, and having a thorough inspection done on your potential home is the first step in making that decision.

Your report comes complete with pictures of your house that are vital to the decision you make when purchasing your home. I work for you whether you are the buyer or the seller: I check over every inch of your home so that not a single crack in the foundation, or weak spot in the structure is missed.

I love doing home inspections. I’ve been doing them since 2004 and they still get me excited.

Why Hire A Vancouver Home Inspector, Anyway?

Think of me as your condition inspector.

I'm going to look the property over for you, checking for anything that’s going to cost you money to upgrade or repair. I’ll find things you may have missed during your 20-minute visit with the realtor.

The realtor is going to handle your offer made to the seller. After that, very important steps will transpire between your listing realtor, selling realtor, and the owner of the property.

Your realtor will guide you through a complex maze of procedures that you will need to do. Once an offer is accepted, this is followed with a flurry of paper work that will have to be signed by both parties including an appointment with a lawyer or notary. They will draw up the necessary legal papers that will need to be signed as well.

It’s easy to get swept up in this storm of paperwork and become too distracted to cross all your t’s and dot all of your i’s in regards to the quality of the actual product - your new home!

That’s where I come in. I’ll double-check your potential purchase and take the care and attention to look it over closely - to make sure there are no unwanted pitfalls down the road.

Vancouver Home Inspector

Vancouver brings a unique set of challenges for home inspection.

Vancouver Home Inspector

Water Damage

You don’t need to be a Vancouver home inspector to know that it rains more in Vancouver than almost anywhere in North America. With rain comes a host of problems, from drainage to rot. Vancouver home inspection differs from its counterparts in other parts of the world because in Vancouver you need to look for specific problems, be it black mould of faulty design in the building envelope.

Vancouver Home Inspector

Leaky Condos

You are probably aware of the leaky condo crisis in Vancouver. Many homes built in the late 90s suffered from poor construction that led to problems with mould. Now, those homes are hitting the market for re-sale and the same problems are emerging all over again.

Vancouver Home Inspector

Grow Ops

Not knowing the full history of the home you intend to buy can be catastrophic. For instance, in Vancouver, grow-ops have always been a problem. Vancouver home inspectors know what to look for when it comes to finding warped walls and suspicious construction. The mould and rot that go hand-in-hand with grow ops can leave massive damage to a home, and put it in a real estate category that makes it incredibly difficult to sell again.

Vancouver Home Inspector

Oil Tanks

Another big issue is underground oil seepage. Many older homes have oil tanks that were used for heating. Over time, some of these tanks seep into the soil causing a massive environmental concern. If you are buying a house, you definitely need the proper experts to take a look, as site remediation can be a costly affair down the road. HIABC's SOP states Vancouver home inspectors are NOT responsible for buried oil tanks, but as a courtesy I keep an eye open for evidence of a tank, like fuel fill pipes or vent pipes, still protruding from the ground.

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